Monday, April 13, 2009

Strawberry Muffins

I know. This isn't supposed to be a food blog. But I can't NOT post about these muffins. Easter Sunday I woke up and making muffins just felt right. The sky was BLUE, the sun was felt good. I yanked all the shades open in the house, cranked open the window in our kitchen and baked away. It's another recipe from everybody likes sandwiches.

We neglected to top it with cinnamon & sugar. Still great muffins. Strawberrys and a hint of orange zest. All I want in a muffin.


Holly C M said...

Yum! I love you.

K8 said...

wow! sounds like a perfect day! I love how you opened up all the shades and the window and went to work. It sounds so wonderful! and those muffins look sooo good! How small did you dice the strawberries? I really want to MAKe these! Keep posting recipes! please!