Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Curry in a Hurry

Ok People, Gotta new recipe for you to try!
This one from another favorite internet stop: 101 Cookbooks

Last night I didn't feel like going to the store. One of those nights where I knew I had enough food in the house to make something...but what. I had to get creative. Since, I'm not a pro at making concoctions from my own noggin, I turned to the experts.

I searched Couscous in the search and *BAM* the perfect recipe appeared.
Curry Powder--Check
Pine nuts--Check

I didn't have green onions...but what gives. I added Craisins instead. Not exactly a substitute, but I had craisins, and I like color in my food.

Give 'er a try!

Oh...and took like 10 minutes. No Lies.

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Livi said...

NICE Impromptu dinner, Metcalf