Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Date with Gma

Look who learned to knit...yez zir...that's me. I'm just learning how to knit the awesomest dish towels ever.

Tonight I went out to Bountiful, Utah with my seesters to visit our Grandma. It was such a good time. We went to dinner down the street at Costa Vida then went back to her house to visit. I loved every minute of it. She is a treasure. I've never lived near her, but I've been lucky to see her a couple times each year with our regular Utah trips growing up. Some things I love about my Grandma...

1. She loves and adores her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren

2. She takes great care of her house and garden

3. Is as active as ever; temple work, golf, and swimming

4. Quilts, Knits, Crochets

5. Has a great laugh and sense of humor

6. Spiritual and sensitive to important things

7. Raised a perfect boy to be my Dad!

8. Married the sweetest man to be my Grandpa!

9. Her soft olive skin

10. Great at card games


Livi said...

Cuuuuuuuuute. Grandmas rock. Wow - good for you for learning how to knit!

Kristine said...

that was a fun night.

and giiiirl you are good and knitting!

Jennifer said...

I love grandma! so glad you went to visit her. I bet that made her week. way to go!

Holly C M said...

Jane, you look dangerous with those knitting needles. Look out people. See that sneaky look in your eyes?

Mary Jo said...

what do i have to do to get a date with grandma.....i feel that we have a lot in common

Holly C M said...

I wonder how my grandkids would describe my skin if we went out on a little date. "It's kinda cool, like you can study how the freckles and age spots melt together and make pictures, kinda like clouds."