Sunday, August 24, 2008


Top 5 Favorite Movies... I'm gonna change this to 5 things I like Watching...1. Joel McHale on The Soup 2. Anything Daniel Day-Lewis 3. Gossip Girl 4. Arrested Development 5. Pretty in Pink

5 Items in My Fridge... 1. Grapes 2. Yoplait 3. Eggs 4. Deli Turkey (so so soooo good...I was raised on good lunch meat) 5. The Laughing Cow, Light Original Swiss

5 Things on My Fridge...1. Van Gogh magnent 2. Student Teaching Seminar Schedule 3. Hello Kitty notepad 4. Map of my Apartment complex (it's a maze) 5. Mini Calendar

5 Words I Hate... 1. Milk 2. Lethargic 3. Lubricate 4. awkward (over used and annoying...I'm guilty of it) 5. Lather

5 Words I Like... I'm gonna change this to phrases I love...1. "Get Bent" 2. "Prove it" 3. "Aaaaand Stay out" 4. "This is FUN" 5. "Sounds Like a Personal Problem" (Actually I hate this phrase more than anything)

5 Items in My Purse...1. Burts Bees (pomegranate) 2. Camera 3. Ipod 4. Water bottle 5. Coin purse

5 Goals...1. Start an Etsy shop with Kristine selling my jewelry 2. Read my scriptures everyday 3. Write in my journal weekly 4. Work out harder than I'm used to 5. Trick a guy into spending the rest of his life with me

5 Random Things About Me...1. I can't/won't sleep in 2. I have Tan-orexia 3. I'm the evil twin 4. I hate hate hate it when my hands smell like the food I just ate 5. I don't know who I'm voting for, but I know who I'm not voting for (haha)

5 Tags... Annie. Mandy W. Cousin Katie. Paige. Mandy T.


Maggie said...

You have a water bottle in your purse? Wretch. There's five unnecessary pounds of baggage.

Amendment to post: Trick (Tr-ick'): French for allowing one lucky hot s.o.b. to marry me

Livi said...

Jane! I loveed this one. You made it more interesting. It made me miss you even more than I already do - you evil twin you.

Holly C M said...

Jane! If I know you a guy will have to trick you into marrying him! Stay picky (meaning=discerning)

Paige said...

Me Paige? You probably have a hip friend named Paige but I might just post my non-hip version.

You won't have to trick any guy into being with your forever, you're too fabulous to have to resort to that.

I ran into your beautiful mom last night at the Geddes gathering. She's the greatest, and so are you!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

GURL! I was just blog stalking your past posts and i stumbled upon my birthday shout out!!! THANKS I think i missed it when it was my birthday, i might start crying. I miss you. so much. and i was laughing my pants off when i read your fave. phrase "aaaaaaaand stay out"! HA haaaaaa HA HA