Sunday, August 31, 2008

Music Business

Now that I am living in a "normal" city where artists actually come through I am overwhelmed by all the shows creeping up that I want to see. The following shows are hitting the city of Salt Lake...

9/03 Ratatat

9/15 CSS/Tilly & the Wall

9/28 Sigur Ros (oh...wait...I'm already going to this show! Booyeah)

10/02 Cold War Kids

10/16 Fleet Foxes

10/18 The Mountain Goats

10/30 Girl Talk (I'm pretty sure I HAVE to go see him)

11/22 Coldplay (well this show is most certainly not happening but if only dreams did come true)

With the lack of money and a love for music I am at a crossroads. I can't seem to tell myself that seeing all these shows is really not going to happen.

While I may not have the money to enjoy what Salt Lake is serving to me on a silver platter, I, at home have made the music come to me. Lately I've been circulating


Lykke Li

Great Lake Swimmers

Cold War Kids


Camera Obscura

And I'm still amazed at how much joy I've found listening to


Bon Iver

I haven't gotten sick of them in the least bit and that thrills me


K8 said...

Bless you woman. I've been needing an update on my music anthology and your list here provides me with some wonderful starting points. Thank ya thank ya for the post.


Paige said...

I have to remember to look back on this post before buying new itunes.

Maggie said...

I am FEELING your pain. Mountain Goats would be fun and funny I think. Fleet Foxes would be a dream...

Sigor Ros is going to be AMAZING!! I'm so glad you got on that early for us. I love your music posts!

Anonymous said...

i'm goin to ratatat! woot!