Monday, April 7, 2008

Yep...I was THAT girl

Today at work I was starving so I decided to pop me a bag of popcorn. As I was listening intently for the pops to dwindle I thought "how awful would it be if my popcorn can't burn...not possible...i'm standing right here by the microwave." guessed it, I opened the microwave door and opened the bag to see black popcorn. I shook my head and instantly threw it in the trash. The rest of the day I had coworkers walk by saying "uggghhh that smell", "ohhh who burnt the popcorn", "ahhchk that smell is awful" I laughed to myself to as I realized today I was THAT girl in the office. I was hoping no one would know it was me, so I vigorously lathered up my hands with my smelliest lotion. Not sure if it worked cause I'm pretty sure I lead a trail of burnt popcorn straight to my office. My hair still smells like it.


Kristine said...

hahahah I am dying right now. that is so funny. i HATE the smell of burnt popcorn cause it lingers forever.

Livi said...

HAHA you're like Ryan from THe Office who started a fire with his chessy pita!

Annie P said...

My babysitter did that once and then threw the bag away in my recycle bin in the pantry. I was so mad. It was so hard to get them smell out. This gave me a good laugh - Jen was happy it was at work and not at home.

Holly C M said...

And you all laugh at me for melting the butter every time I attempt to soften it slightly.

It is a good thing this is your last week. Do anything you want.
just kidding