Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank You MAN MAN!

Wikipedia describes them as Viking Vaudeville, Maniac Gypsy Jazz...and frankly, I couldn't describe them in better words. On Monday (ahem...the first day of school) I took a little roady with some friends to SLC, UT to see Yeasayer and Man Man. As a new Yeasayer fan, I was ecastatic to be able to see them after spending many hours at work listening to their South by Southwest show. We arrived from the 3 hour journey to find out that Yeasayer had cancelled. BUMMER. But I wouldn't let a little band mishap let me down...I let Man Man amuse me. So here I would like to say, Thank you Man Man for:
-making me forget I was suffering from starvation
-an hour an a half set list and no stops
-a deliciously good looking drummer
-playing instruments I've never even seen before
-wearing white levi cut off shorts
-yo cawazzzziness
love jane


Holly C M said...

Oh my. It's apparant you don't have to ask for permission any more to do crazy things like that.

Love ya, Mom

Livi said...

WoW! this reminds me of all our quick roadtrips to SLC at the last minute to see shows. Love you girl - this makes me miss you!!

Livi said...

haha love your comment frmo your mom p.s.

Meagan said...

JANE! First day of SCHOOL>>>? And without me?? Remember our road trip to SLC for The Used. I will always remember that day. and Mark Bonham picking us up and moving us out of the mosh pit. Love you