Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ok so this may have been a month ago...but what are you gonna do about it??

Whilst in California I met this gentlemen...lets call him Sweet Pease....and lets also pretend that his profession is ticket scalping...and maybe he got us free entrance to Dodgers Opening Day! What would you think of that? Jealous? Thought so. It was a grand day. I took a half day of work...headed to LA with Sarah and Mary and spent a beautiful sunny day at the Park. I ate a Dodger dog too...how glorious.


Holly C M said...

Supposin you don't need a scalper. Supposin you just stand outside lookin cute and gets yourself some tickets. That's what I'm thinkin. sounds fun however you got in.

Livi said...

jealous to the extreme. you have become a scalping genius!