Sunday, December 16, 2007

San Francisco

I've been thinking for awhile now about what my next trip should be. I had quite the summer of adventures traveling to 6 different countries in Europe and visiting New York with my sisters. In 2008 I would LOVE to take a little trip down to San Francisco!!! If you've been to San Francisco I want to know all the must-go stops and best parts of the city. The vintage stores lining Haight Ashbury I hear are fantastic. I also would love to see the Stanford campus up in Palo Alto. Look forward to hearing your suggestions.


Mandy said...

i know that you're from Seattle Fish Market land, but you have to check out fisherman's wharf. way fun! excellent choice.

Maggie said...

SAN FRANSISCO SUMMER '08!!!! yayyyy!!! I'm going to make a box for it right now! It will be featured in our house and all proceeds will go to gas.

Mickael said...

I just came back from San Francisco where I was a couple of days during the break. I loved it. I suggest you should go up to Coit Tower, you will have a wonderful view on the city. Also Alcatraz and Twin Peaks. Enjoy your trip !

Madamsara said...

I love love San Fran!!!
I can honestly say it is the BEST city in the world!
If you ever end up going let me know.
I have a few FABULOUS vintage shops in mind for you!
They are really neat!