Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Cheer!

Our third annual Christmas Bash was a hit...again.

The girls from apartments 309 and 310 aka 319 really pulled this party off. We had a kick getting our treasured outfits from D.I. and making delectable treats. The lights and sounds were Top Notch.

We never stop dancing.

The cops did come. Seriously. Disturbing the Peace.....pssssshya

Ain't no party like a Rexburg party cause a Rexburg party don't STOP!


Livi said...

Jane. I Love:

- your hair
- your twin
- music mondays
- your cmas party pics
- your hot legs
- your creative-ness
- your face
- your funny lines
- your great conversations
- your goodness
- your friendship
- your style
- your blog
- your mom
- your Teag and his little legs
- your book suggestions
- your great ideas
- your way your have of attracting so many friends
- your bike riding skills
- your beautiful tan skin
- your kazoo playing and singing

I. Love. You.

K8 said...
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K8 said...

wow, I second that LIST! also, I think you and kristine need to go on Top MODEL! or Project Runway! You both are hott and talented! I mean come on! look at those outfits! awesome!

Mandy said...

jane!!! i really hope that you are kidding about the cops crashing your party! haha. wait, i know. they were the kind of cops that bring a boom box and read you your rights as they pull off their buttoned-on pants, right?
please let me know when you are coming through sin city.
please plan on doing our pattented katelyn-foutch-against-the-wall roll thingys when you get here.
please try your hardest to be a little less freaking hot.

you're making the rest of us look bad.

Team Biddle said...

You guys are so cute! You'll have to teach me how to throw a real PARTAY!

Woodhouse Clan said...

dang, i miss you guys