Friday, October 26, 2007

Aesthetic Appeal

So my friend busted out this new number (no pun intended) the other day. 5 Gum. It is so sleek!!! I was automatically intrigued and had to get my hands on some. The best part is it tastes great and lasts forever. I LOVE me some gum so this black casing is just the trick to pull out of that back pocket. Check it out!!


K said...

this is so funny! Bryan and I love this gum! When we first bought it we just looked at if forever! I love the design. It was well thought out! and it tastes good!

KCannonM said...

my heart is still for orbit. but for realsies I love this gum too!

Paige said...

I saw this gum in a commercial or magazine and knew they weren't targeting my demographic.