Monday, June 3, 2013

May '13 classroom

photo 1
Spring crafts

photo 2
Each week I print off a class set of books from that is focusing on our reading lesson that week. (word families, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels etc.) They love going on a "hunt" and circling what they find. By the end of the week they've read the book about 6+ times and they can take it home on Friday. 

photo 3
Mother's day portrait and questionnaire for our bulletin board

 photo 4
For art center I let the kids build cities with these wooden blocks (I borrowed from another teacher---I have GOT to get my own). They loved it and it was a compliment to our math unit covering geometry.

photo 5
photo 6
 photo 9
fun with shapes

photo 8
photo 7
I've mentioned before how happy I've been with the Dr. Jean cd I bought this year with songs for throughout the day. I've loved it. On birthdays there is a song on the cd that I play for the kids. It's the best!!! We all sing it and point to the birthday boy or girl. I had to capture the fingerpoints because I giggle every time. "Today is the birthday of somebody who, is happy and smiling and right in our room, just look all around you and tell me just who, is happy and smiling, my goodness it's YOU" and there is another verse too.

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Kristine said...

as always, i love these posts! those pics of the kids pointing to the birthday kid are the bessstt!! and those mom portraits. sheesh!