Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cabin Time

The days leading up to Christmas were spent with my entire family in a Midway cabin we had rented. The kids loved playing in the snow and the adult like chillin by the fire, prepping food, and watching football.

One night I read a Hans Christensen book called the Fir Tree to the kids. Which I now insist to read every year cause the message is so great.

Another night Saylor and Elise sang us a few songs they had written. It was so cute! Then all the nieces got up and did a cheer/dance thing that Egan had masterminded. Egan, Teen, and I have been the late night talent entertainment for our family for far too long, so we're glad to toss the reigns to the next generation of girls. Making us proud!

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Kristine said...

i love how football is on in the background cause that's really what the guys were watching. haha.

loved that cabin!!!

Holly C M said...

Good times!