Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maggie visitor

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Picture 14
for your enjoyment: the instagram comments that captioned this shot. so funny.

West Jordan, UT

Maggie came into town for the weekend and it's almost as rude as it is fun cause I just want her in SLC big time. She comes here and just teases me with her company.
Today she came in for a few hours before her flight. I loved having an adult to talk to and also do a couple jobs for me (pencil sharpener!? yep. spelling center!? uh huh).
She was asked by those little 6-7 year olds 3 times "who's mom are you?" and a million times "guess what my name is?" which she entertained like a true star. You shoulda seen the hugs she got when she left. I'm telling you... these kids get an ounce of attention and they'll eat out of your palms.


Holly C M said...

Love that Maggie girl, and seeing you two together.

Katelyn Foutch said...

oh my you are beautiful. loved the comments on the instagram!

heather said...

haha, i love the picture of you on her blazer! so good. and those insta comments are $$$.

Maggie said...

Whataweekend! I hated today because my boss didn't give me a sticker of her face (not that I would have worn it on my lapel anyway) and none of my coworkers hugged me when I said I was leaving. And my granola wasn't Nova. I miss you a lot.