Thursday, February 16, 2012

February classroom

me class
I had a great 3 week off-track and started back teaching right in time for Valentine's Day. Does anyone else wish that Valentine's was at the end of the month like most major holidays? It sneaks up.

Picture 7
Got school pics!

Picture 11
At art this week the students made different animals and things out of hearts. When they got back from art this little one had some new earrings she was showing off. On instagram I was saying how it reminded me of when we took paperclips and made retainers out of them. Teen Dreamin.

I used this free printable for my Valentine's this year that I gave to the kids. They were the simplest, cheapest, non candy gift. Pretty great.

The killing I made that piled on my desk.

Picture 15
I didn't do a cute job on this example, but I had to document the idea because it's pretty cool. I showed the kids this "magic trick" card and they all clapped. It was the best. Such an easy crowd, these guys.

The ABC's of things we LOVE. Not that awesome, but I put a bulletin board up, so here you go.

We had a small unit on Feelings and it was super fun to talk about. We read stories and looked at the expressions of the characters. We acted out different feelings. We brainstormed different feelings we could have and why. We also documented in writing journals how we felt each day.


jane said...

I wish Miss Jane was my teacher!!!! They are lucky to have you.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

You are the cutest teacher. And how adorable was your valentine! I am loving that arrow, plus, we know kids dont need ANY more candy in their lives!!!

I may or may not put Easter eggs in my trainer bra hahahahaha and yes I definitely did the wire retainer.