Tuesday, December 20, 2011

teaching writing

I just taught a unit on fables to my first graders and had a lot of fun. I selected a handful of fables from the library and read them one a day. Everyday we reviewed and discussed what a fable is. "most often has animals as the characters and teaches a lesson"
With their help I filled out the chart after I read the story. It was a great way to discuss the lesson and go over what we had just read. I loved the lessons that were taught too! Important one's for first graders (anybody) to hear.

The writing assignment I gave them was to write about a time when they learned a lesson. The prompt was "I learned a lesson when________." I stressed that they needed a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a closure. It took a few days to finally complete this particular assignment, with rough drafts and then a final draft that we "published."

This little girl's lesson she wrote was so great I had to share.
I learned a lesson when I bought shoes. The shoes were purple and if you stomped your feet they would light up. I got in trouble because as soon as I got home I did not like them. I learned that I should get what I like best on me.

Good huh!!! For a first grader to think and write such a thoughtful lesson she learned! This is when I get so excited about teaching, because these students are capable of so much more then I expect.
And I die over her illustration. cool.


Meagan said...

This is adorable!!!! You are such a good teacher!

Kristine said...

i love this whole thing soo much. light up purple shoes.. haha. she liked them until she got home. soo funny.
and the fable lessons are sweet!

Holly C M said...

Love it! Lindsey should show you the journal entry Jordan wrote about a date with her Dad.