Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Highlights in the Classroom

Picture 25
We are working on Christmas books where each day we write about a something that starts with a letter in the word "Christmas." This day was "I" for "I love Santa." After we write we do a craft and for this was Santa masks. I made them sing "Up on the Housetop" for me cause it was so cute. Their masks are pretty creepy and I heard one kid get in another's face and say "Whhhhyyyy ssooooo serrioussss" like the Joker. So funny.

On the "R" day of our Christmas books we did Rudolph. I guided them through this art project, and I get a kick looking at their finished art work because they all turn out so different and unique.

Picture 24
"this is the best day of my life" ---over heard from a little first grader
We cleaned out milk cartons and hot glued them to foam board with a sugar cone. They took frosting and candy goods and went AT IT!

For a writing block activity I took inspiration from First Grade Parade and read "Santa's Stuck" and we brainstormed ways of what we'd do if Santa was stuck in the chimney. They then wrote from the prompt "If Santa was stuck in my chimney..." My favorite idea was from a boy who said "I'd shake salt and pepper on him and then he'd sneeze and blow out of the chimney."

I taught Art during our 1st grade rotation for the week and I decided on a tear-ish art Santa.
These two made me laugh every time I looked at them. The hats! I like art projects that let the students really do it themselves instead of all die cut or stenciled. This way it shows creativity and also some of their development.

I used this in a center. Word family trees! The star was the word family (_ump) and the ornaments were different words from the word family (jump, thump, lump, dump or whatever word they could think of).

Parent gifts! I did not know what I was going to have the kids do for their parents, but ornaments are always ideal and I spotted some scrapbook stuff in a stack and pulled this together. We get free stuff from Stampin Up sometimes and I had snagged this pile of cardboard cutouts and Christmas paper. It turned out to be really great, all pre-cut and everything! I had the kids write on the back and then create the packaging.

Last year I had Maggie write this poem for me. It's so great. I like giving them school supplies because they need them so much by mid year. It might look scrappy, but the kids freak out for them and are so grateful. Who knew a pink eraser would be such gold? The candy isn't necessary, but I want them to go home with something.


irene said...

I wanna be in your class. Best teacher!

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

wow being a teacher looks SO FUN i love it. i think this would be the best job. my mom teaches 3rd grade and they do similar stuff and i love going to her class to help. cute cute!

katie m said...

You are like, the very best, most fun, most creative teacher in the entire galaxy. Look at how fun.

Go you.