Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November classroom

3rd year teaching is ruling so far.

thankful bulletin board
We Are Thankful for...bulletin board.
The leaves are an idea from my cooperating teacher during student teaching!
(karo syrup+food coloring and spread with fingers)

pattern bulletin board
I love teaching patterns.
Here we did repeating patterns and then growing patterns.
I really like how it looks in my classroom.

word family turkeys
Word family turkey's. Fun for them to make at centers. More fun to use as door art.


Holly C M said...

Miss Metcalf, I love you!

Julia said...

I would frame every ONE of those pattern projects and make a nice big grid in a nursery or playroom--or, who am I kidding, my dining room. Serious eye-candy.

Lexy @ The Proper Pinwheel said...

I wish I was your student. You have the coolest room. You do.

mattb said...

Ms Metcalf- I really wanna use these for my High School classes.