Monday, September 19, 2011

Downtown Sisters

Pike Place Market, WA

I just have to go to Pike Place Market every time I'm in Seattle. Have to. If you visit Seattle, I'll tell you to go there. If you visit me in Seattle, I'll take you there. And mini donuts are a must. They are game changers.


Monica said...

Yes yes, my favorite place to go back home. And when people visit{well i live in switzerland now, so when people "visited"} Pike Place was a must and that donut place is a must. Also the Piroshky place is a must. Have you been, if not. GO.

and yes, I am a stranger who follows your blog. however we have mutual friends. that is how I found you.

Meagan said...

I loooooooove Pikes. The energy there is so exciting. And the people?? perfect people watching!

Kristine said...

amen! i even love the smell of pike place. i could really use a sprinkle mini donut right now.

em said...

i am lucky to have 4(+1) sisters