Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baer Wedding//Portland, OR

Portland, OR
Baer Wedding

Getting off the plane and finding out that Maggie booked her flight to Portland MAINE was a whirlwind of emotion...tragically sad, but mostly laughter. We missed you Maggie!

Portland temple is so prit
Kimberly and Joel have best looks
Crazy Core Skittles
Reception was most beautiful Oregon land and forest I've ever seen
Baja Fresh catered, good choice
Sparklers with Kimbelry's italian uncles yelling at you, Best part
One more day in Portland, I wished


Kate said...

wow, maggie's wedding was so beautiful! love, her dress and hair!

love that you shared some skittles! so cute.

em said...

Maggie!! Dyyyyingggg.
Great pix! I love weddings with close friends. You guys look gorgeous.

Kristine said...

Kimberly was the prettiest bride! such a perfect wedding.. minus maggies flight and photographers cameras getting stolen.
Loved every minute! good pics jane.

becca b said...

I'm so glad you put these up! Thanks for posting them!

holli h. said...

oh kim looks so beautiful!!!!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

love that last photo of you two!

kate said...

maggie WHAT!

everything/one looks so good though!!

jane said...

Such a perfect wedding. Unbelievable! I love your dress too. Is it from Anthro? I think I spotted it this summer. You look gorg as always. Beautiful temple, fall colors, lanterns and details. Great pic documentation!

Merry Merry said...

Can you share the designer of the bride's dress? It's perfect!

Lauren said...

where oh where did she get her dress?! i saw it on pinterest, it's absolutely stunning!