Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steve Martin

via the goodie life

I've been listening to Born Standing Up by Steve Martin this week and I really like hanging out with him in my car. Next on my libary que is An Object of Beauty. A few years ago Shauna had me read Shop Girl and I really dug the author side of Steve Martin. I've been meaning to watch The Jerk for awhile now, so that's next. Really what I'm trying to say that you should hang out with Steve Martin too.

Anyone want to Three Amigos with me? Top 5 favorite movie.


Holly C M said...

I wanna watch Three Amigos. Love that movie.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

gooood choice. I grew up on Steve Martin movies. I've been reading an object of beauty and like it. It has a ton of colored photos of the artworks referenced in the book.

na said...

Steve Martin is a pioneer. Good book. The Jerk has some pretty classic lines.

maggie rhyne said...

Shop girl was good. Object of Beauty was great (especially being an Art School grad)I hop ethey make that into a movie too.
I love his writing. His old SNL skits are classic too!