Thursday, August 11, 2011

Honey Baer Shower

Egan's backyard: Holladay, UT

A bridal shower for Kimberly almost Baer!
It's the first shower I've ever hosted! I sure love this girl and I'm very happy for her and Joel.
Cheers to friends, dinner, and summer nights!


Maggie said...

Heart murmur.

Jane you have outdone yourself. No words.

Holly C M said...

Way to go gurl, the table, the food, the evening looked mahvelous.

Brittany said...

beautiful shower! love the color combos and the food looks delicious!

Meagan said...

O my goodness, What a party!!! The tables are gorgeous!!! I love her wedding ring too. And the food!?? Jane, you're out of control!

Ps, your HAIR!!!!!! ahhhh it is magical. You are so beautiful. I love ya.

jane said...

Amazing. Submit these photos to Martha Stewart...NOW. I can just feel how awesome this summer night must have been!

brightbit said...

Good party job! Kimberlys ring is so very lovely. Is it two tone? That hint of yellow gold on the edge is superb. Go Kimberly. I love two tone. Your spread and details are creative and inviting.