Thursday, July 21, 2011

year 2

Reflections in teaching: Year 2
+the importance of playing with them
+the magic of Shel Silverstein, Dallas Clayton, and Dr. Seuss
+reading and singing and dancing brings us all together
+patience is practiced
+knowing what you can control, and what you have to let go (to stay sane)
+how much kids need attention.
+instill confidence
+inspire creativity
+the impact of my mood/preparation/attitude on the student's behavior
+how much they LOVE when I talk real with them and when I'm goofy or surprising
+teaching at a school with a solid staff, a perfect teaching team, and an incredible Principal will make it an easy decision to teach another year. Hello year 3.

year 1


Meagan said...

Love this! I love that you're a teacher. You are PERFECT for the job!

jane said...

they are so lucky to have you!

Brittany said...

You are gorgeous

Auburn said...

Pretty sure I could use these tips for my PARENTING!! THanks for sharing!

C K H F said...

That is fantastic that you are onto year 3. What a huge accomplishment. I bet you make thee best teacher. Ever. Ever to live. Lucky kids.

The Roper Family said...

Have another great year! I am sure you are nothing but fabulous! The school, students and parents are so lucky to have you! Good luck on your 3rd year!

Corine said...

I really love this. and your whole blog. and you. We really love you.