Sunday, February 6, 2011

water and ice

Midway, UT
Ice Castles

Lezlie and I had a night for the record books.
+we met new people
+some boys taught us how to make up jokes on the spot
+ate at Dairy Keen ---where I was reminded how much a joy a $1 dipped cone can bring
+a stranger boy told me that I was a princess that needed a castle
+and "what baby wants, baby gets" !!!! by another new person
+and really an overall refreshing night


Holly C M said...

So, dobtell me a joke right now. I need a laugh.

candace said...

your mom read my thoughts!! I want to hear a joke! oh, and a $1 dollar dipped cone?! I gotta go!

Elyse Canfield said...

well hello, jane says! ^__^
so i came across your blog after a long search attempt to find a nebula bed comforter, inspired by THIS ONE -

i have found this website -

that sells galaxy blankets, but they don't seem as legit as that previous image of a nebula COMFORTER. do you by chance know of anywhere i could purchase something this rad?
i would appreciate any help you can send my way!!
thank you!