Thursday, February 3, 2011


Elise turned 9 and we had spaghetti. (best spaghetti of my life--good job Annie)
There was also homemade artisan, roasted vegetables, and jello.
For dessert Elise doesn't like cake so my mom made a giant cookie and did a little frosting ditty.

Happy Birthday Elise. You are a beautiful girl.


James & Melinda said...

AND you make and sell your own granola??? holy cow! i'm so lazy, teaching wears me OUT! i'm doing well, i'm glad to be going back on monday.

you've made those pancakes?!!! i can't wait to try em, but i can't find coconut flour anywhere. i've just tried stores close to me, i haven't tried whole foods yet.

your family is cute!

brightbit said...

she is so grown up and pretty!

Mandy said...

She's so big!!! I am freaking out. What a beautiful girl, too!
Speaking of beauties, love love love that first pic.