Thursday, August 26, 2010

why not

1. bananas are apart of every breakfast
2. i love teaching
3. i rotate 3 pairs of shoes
4. i'm going to invest in some a.p.c. jeans
5. i used to be the back cracker-er when i was a kid
6. i used to be the crepe maker master when i was a kid
7. if one hand is wet, the other needs to get wet
8. i floss most nights
9. gwyneth paltrow
10. tan fading= me dying
11. where should i go on my off-tracks this year?
12. hey sisters, remember taking a sharpie and circling all the things we wanted in j.crew catalogs?
13. hey brother, i miss you and i'm proud of you
14. i've eaten the same thing for lunch for 4 days straight
15. about to have a couscous kick
16. i still love outer space


palefoot said...

its not spam.

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

I have an idea where you can go on your off track.....

and I'm the same way, my other hand HAS to get wet. Drying the other just doesn't feel right if they aren't both wet.

Lindsey said...

11. VA!
12. Benson and I got some awesome stuff for amazing prices at a Jcrew warehouse sale today in Charlottesville. (They have them monthly down in Lynchburg, VA an hour from our house at Jcrew headquarters.)
13. We miss you too.

So this means you have to come out here so we can hang out and go get some cute stuff at jcrew!

Holly C M said...

Come to Seattle, you can make me crepes every morning. Then I'll make you couscous every evening. And then I will spray tan on you cause that's all we have here in Sea-town.

e. said...

woot woot!