Tuesday, August 17, 2010


3... the number of pictures I took on our Tuesday Hike tonight
3... the amount of bags stolen from the trunk of my car during this hike
3...the amount of times I have been robbed while living in Salt Lake City

goodbye 2 pairs of new nike running shoes
ipod, nike gym bag, and workout clothes
favorite baggu backpack
pink mole skin with dear-to-me notes and lists
lip glosses
not to mention the important wallet stuff

dear maggie was unfortunate as well. (that girl is so cool. me?-cried like a wimpy dip)


Kristine said...

and it was in your TRUNK!!!!!! thats what makes me so mad.

i'm so sorry jane (and maggie). i'm like loosing sleep over this i'm so mad/sad/annoyed.

Annie P said...

sadness. that is so very, very lame!

Holly C M said...

shame on the druggy boys of eastbench slc. making assumptions here. wanna set up a sting?

Livi said...

out of the trunk?! That is always my secret hiding spot. makes me think twice now. im sorry that really sucks esspc. your moleskin!!

Mary Jo said...

Two. The number of times we have been robbed in my downtown D.C. House. The car is gone.

Laura Hendricks said...

nnnoooooo. it can't be! three times in a year, no?

wow. so sorry

My Mind on Design said...

i can't get over how many times this has happened to you! i'm so so sorry.

The Wife said...

Wow, seriously? I bet that is getting pretty old. I wonder if they watched you put things into your trunk or something? Someone has to be watching from afar as hikers head up on trails, they KNOW they are going to be gone for awhile. I'm so sorry! HOW ANNOYING!

mandy said...

Oh my heck Jane---I cannot believe how much this has happened to you!!! Some people just have all the luck. I'm so sorry dear friend. How totally unfair. I hate, hate stupid robbers.