Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wasatch Back

Last week I experienced the Ragnar. It was my first time doing the race and I loved it so hard.
24 of us signed up to do it, so we had 2 teams of friends which means 4 vans.
I ran leg 6 and I loved my runs. The first one was a steep downhill run in the mid-afternoon about 8 miles, my second was at 11pm and was a gradual incline for another 8 miles, my last was a little baby easy run, really flat and about 3 miles. Our team clocked in around 26 hours. The miracle/awesome part was that both team's final runners finished together. Pretty perfect.
I couldn't believe how fun Ragnar actually was. Hilarious, focused, hard, sore, sweaty, sleepless, and let's do it again.


shauna.m. said...

all i could think abt is how goodlooking this team was

em said...

Restaurant pic: guys in tank tops, girls in t-shirts? funny!
You're a freaking stud for running that leg 6!

Paige said...

Awesome! I've heard that's a hard one.
I totally agree with your description. and how great to have such a fun group of friends to do it with.