Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Every Tuesday we go on a hike with our ward. Last night we hit Bells Canyon. It was my favorite hike yet and this is the second year of our weekly hikes. It was so beautiful. I kept kicking myself for not bringing my camera. Never again.
On the way back down we saw 2 moose within 15 feet. I was equal parts excited/awestruck/nervous. We also saw the storm moving in and it looked like the clouds were in fast forward they were moving so fast. Nature is amazing and I needed to stop to take it in. Remarkable colors, pure sounds, and clean air.

I can't wait to do Bells Canyon again! This time with camera in tow.

this image is from a hike a few weeks ago at Desolation Trail. Hi Maggie!


Sam and Livi said...

wish my ward went on hikes every week! how fun. don't get eaten by a moose.

Ash said...

Did you know that your comment on my blog made my day? It is so great to hear from you!! You are beautiful as ever. What fun!!