Sunday, May 10, 2009

Me Mum

See that little one on the right! That's me mum. Isn't she cute?

I just can't resist to post a tribute to my mom on Mother's Day!
I love her with every bone in my body.
This morning as I ate pancakes on my porch (today is so unbelievably beautiful) I couldn't help but think of my mom. Mornings in our house were awoken by clanging pots and pans and the smell of breakfast.
Words that describe my mom: Righteous. Cook. Tennis star. Grandma Hottie. Faithful. Beautiful. Tall. Classy. Strong. Groovy. Smart. Gardener. Neighbor. Wife. Creative.


Auburn said...

I agree with all of the descriptions of your Momma! She rocks.

em said...

great post janer. you hit the nail fo sho.

Meagan Briggs said...

I love Holly!!!!

and I miss her!

Annie P said...

Where did you get that picture? I want a copy. Love it. So cute.

Kristine said...

hey. i love mom TOO. i also love that picture of you and mom. very cute.

and those cannon kids. tall and skinny! love that pic.

Holly C M said...

That old picture of me and my sibs is so awesome. I well remember that dress, and I think my mom made all the dresses in the photo--and believe me, they were then in fashion. Mom was always a step ahead.