Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drive In

On Saturday night some of us decided a Drive In was in order. I actually didn't even know for sure what movie we were going to see...but who really cares right? The joy is in the Drive In experience.
A movie means a treat---obviously s'mores were at the top of my list. We brought a little charcoal cooker thing and purchased the essentials for s'more perfection.
Maybe we broke the "no cooking" rule at the Drive In, but we didn't know. We were told shortly after starting the charcoal...but there was enough heat and time to make everyone a tasty little s'more.
We saw Terminator. But really---I had a nice nap. The sky was all eery, I was snuggled into a love sac and a breeze gently passed over my face.


Laura Hendricks said...

I don't like the way those guys are looking at you in those pictures. It's like, what, haven't they ever seen an undercover nun before? P.S. This is John Hendricks

Meagan Briggs said...

The only Drive In I remember is the one with the First Line boys. Hilarious! It was So much fun but Matt had sweaty palms and Chad was awkward. Long drive to be disappointed!

So No on Terminator? Ryan is counting the days until we see it.

Sam and Livi said...

Sam and I were jsut talking about how we want to go to a drive in. HOW FUN!! You guys bring the party wherever you go.