Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night I made dinner for my roommates and I. I buckled down and decided to give Fig Pizza a try. To start I looked on allrecipies and found this recipie for Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza. Then I looked on my mom's cooking blog and found her yummy homemade pizza recipies. I went to the store and ended up with the following ingredients:
2 rolls of Pillsbury pizza dough
1 red onion
1 zuchinni
1 packet Prosciutto
1 packet of shredded mozzerella
2 apricots
10 figs

I was able to make two large pizzas that were fresh, very tasty, and get my creative/experiemental juices out.

The Fig Pizza:
+Sauteed the onion with thyme and salt
+olive oiled the pizza
+put cheese all over
+scattered onions about
+topped with sliced fig
+drizzled with honey

The Apricot Prosciutto Pizza
+olive oiled the pizza
+put cheese all over
+scattered zuchini, prosciutto, and apricot

That's all! Easy Peezy.


Kristine said...

oh my that was tasty! i loved coming home to a homecooked meal. you make a great housewife!

em said...

jealous! when are you coming over to cook for me?

Holly C M said...

Sounds yum! So did you soften figs in hot water or were they fresh rather than dried? And was the pizza dough good? You decided not to make the whole wheat one? I like the addition of the apricots and prosciutto.

metcalfruf said...

that sounds so figgy yummy. i am totally tryin it how will my kids feel about this...