Friday, February 8, 2008


About two years ago a friend and I were discussing music and how we both have our little "treasure" bands/artists that we like to keep safely in our ipod. As we keep them safely there we are also fearful that our ear candy will soon be unleashed to the wrath of pop culture. With more and more indie bands getting over played on the radio, commercials, and tv it pretty much takes the excitement out of your favorite tunes.

Recently Bob Boilen of NPR All Songs Considered did a show on just that. Asking listeners/readers to tell there favorite bands that few people have heard. I've really enjoyed listening to it. I think you would too.


KCannonM said...

oh i feel ya on the 'treasures.' i really hate it when a perfectly amazing song gets abused and ruined.

Livi said...

A. you're cool thank I will ever be
B. I like that hodpdge image you have on your bizzlog
C. Miss you
D. Everyone is So into your google game

jonny said...

Funny, I was just listening to "a band to call your own". Bob Boilen is great and ASC is one of my favourite music programs. But the music snobiness came out when I heard the Great Lake Swimmers on there. Its great for them to be shared, and I guess they aren't as low profile as they used to be, but NPR is national, and I can't help but having a feeling of waiting for them to be picked up for a VW commercial or something. Will I ever get over my music pride?