Saturday, November 3, 2007

This is Halloween. This is Halloween.

Halloween this year was off the heeezy. I had a blast playing dress up. A week ago we went to a big party and I dressed up as a dead prom date. We went with a group of friends and after goofing around for a little bit we took the party to our place and had a dance party like you've never seen.
On Wednesday we went to another party that a clothing store in town was putting on. A couple girl friends and I had the idea to dress as Run DMC...but then it just turned into chicks in 80's hip hop gear. We made out shirts and I put my hair in dreads. Again we danced for a bit at the party but took our friends back to our place and watched The Night Before Christmas at a friends house. Count down till next year.

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Woodhouse Clan said...

I LOVE your halloween spirit. I can count on it every year. You nd K always have the best costume ideas. I give you an A+ for creativity and professionalism. Right up there with Matt Lauer's get up this year. :) love ya