Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ski Season

Last night a group of us went to The Westwood Theater (Thank you Rexburg for keeping this ancient theater around, I love it)to watch the Warren Miller annual Ski movie. I've been to this for the past 3 years and it's my favorite fall tradition. It's a 98 minute ski flick covering all the best skiers and the hot spots for the coming season. Full of ridiculous sunglass face tans, shaggy dudes, and pumping jams...I enjoy every minute. What's funny is I haven't skied in years. Not since sometime back in high school. Regardless I feel fired up for the winter season ahead. My favorite part of the night was intermission when they gave away prizes. Out of 12 of us that went 7 of us won a prize! It was hilarious. The prizes were certificates for local restaurants, snow hats, a day pass etc. Every time one of our names was read we shrieked, hollered, whistled, whooped...the usual victorious noises. The entire theater was in shock how we kept winning.

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Livi said...

I miss all our school traditions: Warren Miller, Halloween, Parties, Rigby Lake, Music Outlet - Yeah for good friends and memories. Jane, I love your is so creative. You are a good writer.