Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Glacier National Park

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 Two Town & Country minivans, 14 friends, and a weekend trip to Montana. We left Thursday night and pulled into Missoula laaaaate that night. We stayed at our friend Wes' parents house and he hosted and gave us the tour the entire weekend.
Friday we woke up early and hit the road to Glacier National Park. How had I not been there before??? It's incredible. It really should be done over a couple of days, but we only had one. So we made a few stops to enjoy views, and cruised some of the way with the van doors open cause it was so majestic. Our main stop was for a 10 mile hike round-trip up to a glacier. The hike had everything I wanted. At the top, most of the group jumped in the glacier water and swam to a floating ice chunk. (Really crazy and really cold) We helped warm them back up when they got out, but we didn't really have enough clothes to get them warm again. There was throw-up, there was cramping, there was misery. We hurried back down and one van drove off to try and catch the sunset and the more sensible van (ahem, our van) went to find a diner. (better choice) We didn't get back to Missoula until around 2ish that morning. Kicking myself that I didn't bring my nice camera on this trip. Reason to go back!
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 Saturday morning we had a pancake breakfast and then took off to the city to walk around the farmer's market. We wandered and snacked and lounged on the grass. We were all pretty tired and even napped a little back at the house. Late afternoon we all went down to a river so we could jump off the bridge. Wes and Peter scurried up to the top and flipped off and I couldn't believe it. Still can't. We played in the water, skipped rocks, played a random rock game until we heard from a passer-byer that all the cars were getting towed. We booked it up to the road to see one of the vans already attached to a tow truck. We had to calm down some very angry cops and explain how innocent we were and didn't know about the parking regulations. They let us take our cars and made us pay for one ticket. Wasn't too bad.
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Saturday night we drove an hour and a half away to go to a rodeo! We LOVED it. Best pulled pork, and beans, best kettle corn, so much entertainment. We loved the rodeo clown, Danger Dave, who would throw a football into the crowd for free drinks. More rodeos, please.


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