Friday, April 19, 2013

April '13 classroom

photo 3
^pattern raindrops with a poem underneath about spring
photo 5
^this was an art center. we've been talking about spring and blossoms on trees. super easy and a little bit hilarious seeing how they turn out.
photo 6
photo 1
^another spark of genius when I had a bag of airheads and decided to have them eat their airhead without talking and tape their wrapper on a paper. They wrote adjectives as they ate slowly and thoughtfully :)
photo 3
photo 1
^they shared in groups of same airhead colors
photo 2
^they wrote 2 sentences about their airhead using adjectives (look how naaaasty their name tags are. at this point in the year I am not going to replace them. so ya, it looks trashy)
photo 4

photo 2 photo 3 
^my friend Wes came in to visit my class and teach them about bears, particularly polar bears. He came last year and the kids absolutely loved it. He studies bears and has spent time in Alaska doing research. Wes is really good with the students and brings in a polar bear skull, ear, tooth, claw, and heavy winter coat. SO NEAT! They loved it. Perfect timing since we've been learning about living things and parts of animals that help them survive.


Egan Metcalf said...

Wowa! I love those pattern rain drops and Wes is the coolest!!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

You are the best teacher. What fun projects!! I need to do more of those types of art projects with Brinley.