Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Time Flies When You're Having Fun"

My parents celebrated their 40 years of marriage this June and we were able to party about it at our family reunion in July. My parents threw the best dinner party for us, so many great details and executed so well. Teen broke it all down over HERE. My parents always gave us little gifts on their anniversary growing up and this year they went above and beyond. I love the theme and the message they put inside. I've worn the watch every day since.
photo 3
Picture 2
Picture 3
I loved:
hawaiian haystacks for dinner
that kids ate first, then adults
goodie bags full of candy, parachute guys, and party blowers
toast by my brother
speeches by my parents
apple cider for the kids
mini martinelli's for the adults
metcalf family trivia questions
everyone opening gift boxes together
the triangle napkin holders with cloth napkins
the 40 picture garland
oatmeal cake and berries for dessert
favorite family story sharing that night


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Your parents are amazing people! What a fun party and I LOVE those watches. So awesome. Your family reunions get me so excited to see how my family reunions evolve as our family gets bigger. Right now, we are in the beginning stages, but in 10 years? I can't imagine the amount of kids, the amount of planning, and the amount of projects we're gonna have to plan for!

Love you guys!!!

Holly C M said...

Nice post, Jane. Can I tell you how excited we were to give everyone watches? It was fun. I loved the family stories too. Sweet stuff.