Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taggart it

Picture 10
Picture 15
Picture 19
Picture 22

Jackson, WY

Taggart Lake:
We drove out to Teton National Park and strapped on our snowshoes. I couldn't believe the weather. We started shedding clothes about 15 minutes in. I wasn't even close to cold. No gloves! It was amazing. We stopped and ate carrot sticks and peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets and talked professions at the lake. We got a teacher, massage therapist, IT guy, and an almost nurse.

Mountain High Pizza:
that little baby pizza was $16!!! I was the mislead customer...all thinking it was limitless toppings. doh!


Topsy said...

What great pictures! I think I'll look through them again.

Fun seeing Taggart lake in the winter time. I've spent a lot of time there in the summers, but no time in the winter.


Chris Loves Julia said...

Your hair is to die for. And can you really put a price on good pizza?! Looks amazing! ...that is if it WAS good pizza.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Those views!!!! I haven't seen mountains like the tetons or basically ANY mountains since moving to th east. Nothing compares. You're a total babe Jane. Love your hair.

Kristine said...

take me to those mountains that i love!! i keep coming back to look at these pictures again. so beautiful.

Stacie Jensen said...

so good looking. i'm not mad.

Kylie said...

this looks so fun! you are so dang hot, jane! that hair gets me every time. oh and PEPPERONI + JALAPENO PIZZA IS MY FAVE! i thought i was weird - YUMMY.

Alyse Bitty Hair said...

Wish I could have joined you for the snowshoe... I love these pictures. You did a great job! Sooo cute.

Lisa Fly Rondo said...

LOVE these photos, looks amazing i want to go. and your hair is perfect!!