Monday, January 16, 2012

January classroom

January was a blur. We got back from New Years and two weeks later I am off-track. (not mad)
for example, I put up this bulletin board and took it down less then a week later because I was moving classrooms so the next teacher could move in.
They made goals for 2012 using the flip-up freebie I found on Pinterest.
*please note scribble face
Utah blows my mind almost daily. I really love driving in the mornings and seeing the skylines, sunrises, and mountains give a different scene every time. It's remarkable. I've wanted to do a picture-a-day project, I still want to. This was taken outside my car at school last week.

I've done this project for the past couple years. I like this one because it's great for them to create something 3-dimensional and they love it. Takes some prep time to pre-cut the pieces, but fist-pumps for mom helpers.


Jen said...

you rock! love all your stuff! Picture a day is so great, i'm trying this year, it can be hard to remember on the busy days. Wishing Brooke could have you next year!

Meagan said...

You are the cutest teacher!!!! What fun projects!

Holly C M said...

Love the projects and the pic--stunning.

Kristine said...

utah is so pretty! great shot
i love your teaching posts. fun to see what's going on in your classroom

Artista said...

Hi, i'm "topsy's" friend. Thanks for the Utah pic. Moved out here to VA three years ago and really do miss the mountains.