Tuesday, June 7, 2011

birthday food

South Jordan, UT

Annie and Egan made me a birthday dinner on Sunday!
Teriyaki Turkey Burgers with homemade buns
grilled pineapple
fresh, real potato fries
watermelon and berries
green salad

For dessert, don't me started. Egan was the-little baker-that-could and made me (on request) these caramel salted brownies. Good night and only on my birthday.

These sisters are not for sale.


em said...

bahaha! thanks for the back handed compliment! Happy Birthday Gurl!

Meagan said...

Divine!!! Happy Birthday Jane! I'm remembering all the b-days we celebrated at BYU-I and it makes me laugh! Ryan still doesn't understand why we threw all those parties....lol. I'm going to try making those brownies! YUM!!!

Kristine said...

oh wow! that is a dreamy bday! sisters are so good! you're a pretty bday babe. love you lots.

brightbit said...

that food looks oh so yummy. my mouth is watering right this minute.

Kate said...

drool! looks like the best birthday food ever!
Happy birthday to my beautiful jane! I really love being able to still be connected to you!
I love you!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

I'm so jel. Wish I could celebrate with you in the flesh. Those brownies look so delish!

nicole boice said...

you are so freaking hot it makes my heart hurt. 26 looks good on you.

Caroline said...

those brownies look delicious..crave-able!!

Zonia Cruz said...

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