Thursday, March 24, 2011


Las Vegas, NV

Kate & Regan got married.
Best couple. And their talents and good looks combined?....forget about it.
Luckily I got to go to Vegas for the hip hip hooray day.

What are hotel rooms for expect hanging out on beds watching the lamest movies with friends?

Thanks to Damien we ate at Casa Don Juan which meant the most delicious mexican food and Frank Sinatra only karaoke.


heather said...

awww man, i'm sad i missed out on these times. It was raining in LA! dumbest.

Holly C M said...

I love the group pic under the 'good looks' link.

David said...

The top picture may sum up the problem with guys in a Mormon singles ward more than any talk on the subject. A beautiful girl is lying on a bed, and one guy is checking his email, while another his texting his friends.

alex aulelio shahan said...

hot tubbin during the supermoon!

kate said...

you guys had so much fun!