Monday, April 26, 2010

let's start here

Landed in Seattle this morning for a little love from home.
I took the new Light Rail to downtown.

My Mom picked me up and we headed to Pikes Place Market for lunch and a walk around.

Real yum greek butter bean and tomatoes with pita and greek salad.

Picked produce for dinner.

Flowers, cause duh---doesn't this Mom of mine deserve a bouquet?

Made granola with my Mom.
(oats+pepitas+sunflower seeds+almonds+walnuts+brown rice syrup+apple sauce+maple syrup+salt+vanilla+cinnamon+craisins+apricots+coconut)

Dinner with Pikes Place Market goods and homemade bread.

Hi Dad!


Seattle, WA April 2010


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Looking at your blog this was my conversation in my mind.

-Oh Seattle!
-dang I miss Seattle.
-Holly! You're so pretty!
-ahhh that food looks amazing
-wish I was at your house for dinner!


maggie said...

And I'll start here.

-You look like Kristine in your reflection (mirror twins)
-Holly is a dreamboat (duh)
-Take this day. Rewind it. Pause it. Replay it May 4. SloMo the homemade bread+jam.

jenniferbourne said...

Wish I was with you in the emerald city! love your photos Jane, thanks for sharing! Makes me want some salmon and homemade bread (I have the granola, thanks to Annie!). Have fun!

Holly C M said...

My kind of heaven on earth. So glad you are here.

Kristine said...


Lindsey said...

Can't wait to be there. See you soon.

em said...

Cool Glasses, Mom.
Live it up, Jane!