Saturday, December 26, 2009


This lil lady turned 58 today! Isn't she smashing?
How did I get so lucky to get a mom like her?
I've been trying to be like her my whole life.
This is my checklist:
french braid-check
grow and tend a garden-failure this year, maybe next
marry well and have chiluns-not yet
be an extraordinary cook and baker-work in progress
sew and mend-mmm, I have Kristine for that
become well versed in gospel knowledge-nope
sing well-not happening
play the piano and the guitar-that either
tennis all star-not eeeven close
look stylish always-far fetch

i have a lot to work on.
Happy Birthday Mom!!!


Kylie said...

you ALWAYS look STYLISH to the max

Holly C M said...

Thanks Jane. Your job is to keep me lookin stylish.

I love cooking for you.

I'd be happy to share some gospel knowledge with you. :-)

Come play some tennis with me.

I may play the guitar, but you know the tunes and the names of your favorite artists--I have a ways to go on that.

Love and thanks, mom

Meredith said...

when was your mom in a J Crew ad? geez - we're ALL trying to be more like her. At least you have the genes on your side!