Friday, August 17, 2012

Aliso Beach with the Bourne girls

Aliso Beach

Annie and I watched my sister's girls for a few hours at the beach. We did lots of...
Munching on TJ snacks
Mushroom villages
and water dipping

I love those little girls so much.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tribe Metcalf

We always have a craft at our reunions, mostly for the kids, but the adults join in too. This year Egan and I were in charge! We stuck to the theme (Fortune Favors the Brave) and our symbol (the triangle) which helped narrow our brainstorming.
We started with a devotional on being brave. I made a power point of brave people in history (martin luther king jr, ruby bridges, louis zamporini, the first women marathoner, stripling warriors, etc) and Egan shared a scripture. We had a nice little discussion about what it means to be brave and follow the commandments.
For the craft, my dad, the woodcutter that he is, had cut out a load of triangles with a hole in them. We provided the family with a variety of beads, colorful thread, and paint. The options were either a necklace or a key chain and the creativity was up to them. It was fun to see what everyone painted on the beads and how they put it all together.
But let's be honest, we all end up copying Egan cause she always has the coolest ideas and executions at the craft table.

p.s. forgive Egan and I looking beat. we had just run 14 miles in hilly Heber.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"You Inspire Me"

Picture 6
You know I love Dallas Clayton. 

He's been on the blog a few times:
When his first book came out HERE
When he came to my classroom HERE
My Year 2 review HERE
When his second book came out HERE

I just saw his new line of inspirational watercolor posters and I am in LOVE once again.
They are each originals and every single one makes me smile. I would love to have them up in my classroom. Don't you feel happier, inspired, motivated?

"Time Flies When You're Having Fun"

My parents celebrated their 40 years of marriage this June and we were able to party about it at our family reunion in July. My parents threw the best dinner party for us, so many great details and executed so well. Teen broke it all down over HERE. My parents always gave us little gifts on their anniversary growing up and this year they went above and beyond. I love the theme and the message they put inside. I've worn the watch every day since.
photo 3
Picture 2
Picture 3
I loved:
hawaiian haystacks for dinner
that kids ate first, then adults
goodie bags full of candy, parachute guys, and party blowers
toast by my brother
speeches by my parents
apple cider for the kids
mini martinelli's for the adults
metcalf family trivia questions
everyone opening gift boxes together
the triangle napkin holders with cloth napkins
the 40 picture garland
oatmeal cake and berries for dessert
favorite family story sharing that night

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Boating Day

 Picture 6
 Picture 7
 Picture 9
 Picture 5
Jordanelle Reservoir

After a rainy day on Thursday we lucked out with perfect weather for a day at Jordanelle Reservoir. We had a nice schedule for rotating all the kids and adults out on the boat. It gets a little tricky coordinating that many kids and adults, but it worked great. Especially with the free paddle board sessions for those at the beach.
We boated and paddle boarded all day and ended up at Tarahumara in Midway for dinner. (eat there if you are in Midway ever)